Text 26 Sep The Ultimate Productivity Tool

The Ultimate Productivity Tool


Hello, everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you, something that I use to help me be productive. But it’s not just me that uses this tool. Thousands of productive businessmen and women use this tool every day.

I’m a sucker for productivity gimmicks. I’m not ashamed to say it. If something shiny and new comes out, I’m usually one of the first people to go check it out to see if I can use it for…

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Text 23 Sep How Long It Takes to Read The World’s Most Popular Books

How Long It Takes to Read The World’s Most Popular Books


Today I want to talk about reading and the importance of reading…for everyone. As a writer, I know how important it is to read a variety of books: different genres, different authors, and different eras. By doing this, I am able to learn about what makes a good book in addition to finding new story techniques that I enjoy and can use in my own writing.

It’s not just important for writers though.…

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Text 16 Sep 1 note Interview with Adam’s Attic

Interview with Adam’s Attic


A little while ago, I had the privilege of interviewing rock band, Adam’s Attic. They’re a great bunch of guys and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them. Not only are they some of the hardest working guys that I’ve ever met, they also love to help out the military by playing shows for them. You can find the interview here on Musikface.

I love their newest CD, “Can Anybody Hear Me?” and I can’t…

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Text 15 Sep 1 note Musikface: Tamar Haviv Interview

Musikface: Tamar Haviv Interview


Good morning, everyone! Monday morning seems like the perfect opportunity to share this interview that I had with the lovely and thoughtful Tamar Haviv. She was quite the delight and inspiration!

I found her through a music publicist named Shoshie Aborn (who was also a fantastic person to work with). After hearing Tamar’s first single off of her new album, “You and Me Without Pajamas“, I was…

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Photo 26 Aug A Little Birdie Told Me About This…

If you haven’t read about this in my other posts, I follow a podcast (and FB page) called…

A Little Birdie Told Me About This…

If you haven’t read about this in my other posts, I follow a podcast (and FB page) called…

Text 14 Aug To-Do List Management

Hello everyone!

I have been extremely busy working on new projects! I’ve been doing some great new things! Interviewing up-and-coming musicians, learning new things about web content, managing other writers, helping set up a new site for my new boss, etc. The list goes on!

I decided that with all of my new tasks, I needed to write an article about “to-do list management”. While doing research I…

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Text 8 Aug Happy Friday, Everyone!


The sun is shining and I’ve got lots of work to do on this fabulous Friday morning. I love the ability to uproot my whole office and work in a different location for a change of pace.

Today’s setting is a cafe. The great thing about this one is that I can sit in the “back room” and still feel the warm breeze and sunshine from outside because they’ve got the, ahem, “wall” open. This particular…

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Text 4 Aug 1 note 3 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Willamette Conference

3 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Willamette Conference


WFPS’ first official group trip (a couple of the members went a few years ago) to the Willamette Writers Convention was an astounding success!

Every single one of us (there were five in attendance) left with AT LEAST one acceptance from an agent or an editor.It was a comfort to know that all of our hard work paid off. It was my first trip to a writing conference and I have to say that I had a…

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Text 28 Jul Today’s Task List…

Today’s Task List…


In three days, a few members the writing group that my fiance and I are a part of, will be heading down to Portland for the Willamette Writers Conference. Because of this, my work schedule will now be in overdrive.

For example, this is my task listfor today. It’s blurry (on purpose — #allthefilters #justabitofprivacy). I would like to say that my favorite item on the list is the “Pass out on…

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Text 26 Jul 1 note Reinvention, Innovation, and Personal Improvement

Reinvention, Innovation, and Personal Improvement


It’s time for another awesome link that I found while I was researching a topic for work. As of late, I’ve been going through a quarter life crisis. Yes, it’s been the whole,

What am I doing? Do I like who I’ve become? Do I believe in myself? Why does [my fiance] believe in me? [insert abhorrent complaining and sobbing here]

Part of it comes from personal inadequacies and the half stems from the…

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Text 25 Jul 4 Ways to Live an Active Lifestyle (When You Sit All Day)

4 Ways to Live an Active Lifestyle (When You Sit All Day)


I sit in front of a computer all day. The amount of sitting that I do is pretty depressing (at least it is to me). When I first became a freelance write, I had just left a job that required me to get up and move for six hours a day. I worked at a before/after school program.

I playeddodgeball for a half an hour each day. I played “lava monster” for another half an hour. I never sat still. I would…

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Photo 19 Jul 19 notes 15 Punctuation Marks

I found this awesome infographic here. Check out the link if you want to see it in more detail.

15 Punctuation Marks

I found this awesome infographic here. Check out the link if you want to see it in more detail.

Text 17 Jul Weird Al’ Yankovic has a Big Dictionary

I ran across this parody today while doing some research for an article. It is Weird Al’s parody of “Blurred Lines”.

So why post it here? Because his version is called “War Crimes“, and I’ve got plenty of Grammar Nazis that would appreciate this.

So what do you think about people using “literally” incorrectly? What about “whom”?…

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Text 16 Jul Ways to Stay Safe While Using Public WiFi

Just found this great article for freelance writers like me, who like to go to cafes in order to be around…people. What can I say, sometimes working alone in your home office can be lonely. Anyway, here is a great article about being safe when you’re using public WiFi. Don’t be the victim of identity theft or some gnarly virus.

Stay safe.

Love, Joy

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Text 14 Jul 50 Coolest Writers of All Time

If you’re looking to procrastinate from work on this lovely Monday afternoon, check out this shortlist of the 50 Coolest Writers of All Time. I think that we can all agree that the title is a big presumptuous. “…of All Time”, really? But, while I agree that sometimes (okay, “a lot of the time”) female writers aren’t nearly as represented as they should be, that doesn’t negate the fact that all of…

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